The difference between PR and advertising

PR is often confused as being free advertising.

It is in fact a much wider activity. It is a two-way communication process with a broader set of aims than advertising.

Although editorial is generally not paid for, it is certainly not free advertising. You can’t buy editorial; a journalist will only use a story if it is interesting to their viewers, readers or listeners and you should expect them to change the story to suit their own editorial style. Once we have met with you and discussed the opportunities, we will be able to tell you what is and what isn’t newsworthy and what your company should be promoting to the media.

Adverts are more likely to be overlooked than editorial unless the reader is specifically seeking information from an advert.

PR involves influencing key people outside the organisation and in the press such as needing to convince the major players in local government that a planned expansion programme will help the local community and the economy.

Below are some of the methods we will use to ensure  that every possible opportunity is exploited to its fullest.

Press Releases:

What you think makes a good press or news release, might not.  We will tell you what works and what editors are interested in and what they aren’t.  There is an art to presenting information clearly for journalists so that your story will be published.  Once you have given us the background information, we will then write the press release and send it to the target audience.

Case studies:

User case studies that demonstrate how you are benefitting customers.  A ‘must’ within any technology media relations campaign. We will look after the complete case study process from interviewing your company and your customer, copywriting and managing approvals.  We can place these in key trade magazines if they are editorial case studies or write ‘sales’ case studies for marketing collateral.

Features, opinions, comments and white papers:

After discussions with you and monitoring your industry, we will develop ideas, conduct research and write material which can be used for marketing or education in the format which is required. (Technical features for the USA written and referenced differently to those for the UK).  We will also get your company’s point of view included in general features that your target media is writing about.

Speech Writing:

Often the speakers having a white screen in front of them, wondering how they are going to open their speech.  No problem, having interviewed the speaker, we will provide bullet points, drafts, conduct further research if necessary and produce final speeches to the required length of time in the ‘language’ that the spokesperson is comfortable with.  (By language we mean English but using phrases and terminology that the spokesperson would normally use).

Media Interviews:

Face to Face and telephone interviews, to give target journalists a better understanding of your company and its technology offerings.

Marketing / Sales emails:

We will create attention grabbing, punchy emails directed at achieving response.

Newsletters and e-zines

We will write and design communications for your customers, prospects and staff to help build on-going dialogue and cementing relationships in either digital format or hardcopy newsletters.

Press and Product Launches

If you have an exciting new announcement, we will create a launch event to maximize attention within your media relations campaign.  We can find the perfect venue, arranging hospitality and VIPs and of course invite the journalists.


We will arrange to give your product away as a competition prize in key media which will give your product maximum exposure for minimum expenditure.


We can monitor and direct you to relevant awards to enter which will increase the profile of your company / products and make newsworthy press releases.