About Debby Freeman

Debby Freeman pictureI am a PR and marketing consultant based in Cambridgeshire and the South Coast with extensive experience gained from leading PR agencies and publishing companies.  I have worked with a wide range of companies on an even wider range of projects.  I specialise in B2B technology and communications PR – but enjoy the challenge of ‘dipping’ into consumer pr quite frequently with extensive editorial exposure in consumer, lifestyle and national media.  I have been described as tenacious, determined and as a ‘terrier’ that won’t let go – but not in a detrimental sense.  I will see a project through from start to finish, dotting the Is and crossing the Ts and will never fall at the first, second or third hurdle.  When a company thinks they have no news, or an editor isn’t convinced to take a feature – I will turn it around and find the news and adapt the feature so the editor will not only publish it, but include it on the front page and in the contents.

I am frank and honest and won’t ‘sell’ you PR or a campaign if I don’t believe your organisation will benefit from it.  My job satisfaction comes from delivering your PR needs successfully and that means delivering results.  If I fail you, I would be failing myself – and that is not on my agenda.