Aquavision teams up with Bang & Olufsen

Aquavision, the in-wall and waterproof television manufacturer has collaborated with Bang & Olufsen to develop seamless integration between the two companies’ products.   Bang & Olufsen customers will now be able to control their Aquavision with the B&O remote control or BeoSystem 4. 

Aquavison works with Bang & Olufsen remote control

Aquavision television with Bang & Olufsen remote control

The iconic Nordic audio and video company was particularly interested in partnering with Aquavision, as B&O do not manufacture televisions smaller than 40”.  The stylish in-wall models from Aquavision were deemed to be a natural fit with Bang & Olufsen’s larger televisions. 

The R&D department at Aquavision has developed the upgrade kit, which includes a replacement IR board, that is simple for a professional to install. It can be used to upgrade the Nexus+Genesis 2 and Pinnacle ranges from Aquavision and offers seamless integration with the BeoSystem 4 without the need for separate IR transmitters and receivers.

Although the Aquavision brand is synonymous with waterproof and bathroom televisions, due to their unique in-wall design, they are increasingly being installed in main living areas of the home and being connected to audio icons such as Bang & Olufsen speakers and the BeoSystem 4. This is B&O’s video engine taking customised cinematic entertainment to a new level optimised for a central installation that may include advanced sound setups and home-automation systems.

Aquavision has also just published a new 62 page Buyers Guide which is available to download here

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Since creating the world’s first waterproof television in 1997, Aquavision’s innovation team have remained industry leaders in the sector of in-wall and waterproof televisions and developed a network of professional partners worldwide.  Aquavision are proud to be the first television manufacturer member of the Made in Britain campaign, a marque created by UK manufacturers to support and promote British manufacturing in the United Kingdom and overseas. As prolific inventors and innovators, the company is considered a prime example of the wealth of know-how, specialist expertise and technical acumen that exists in the UK and for which the Made in Britain association was founded to showcase and celebrate. The pioneers of in-wall and waterproof televisions, Aquavision’s products are sold throughout the world, and have representation across six continents in 31 countries.