A Responsive, Professional, Communications and Public Relations Service

Everyone in business needs to communicate – be it to customers, prospects or employees.  As professional communicators we make this happen mainly (although not exclusively) through public relations.

Communication is all about engaging with people.  It’s about working out what interests them and then giving them what they want so they keep coming back for more.

Our skills and input are defined as:

Expertly assist materially in the marketing and selling of your products and services – generating new business and consolidating existing relationships.

Create positive awareness through Public Relations in clearly defined market sectors together with enhancing your corporate image.

Advise and implement the varied PR opportunities and challenges facing companies today.

Communicator can become your virtual press office and will deliver a consistent tone of voice through all media communications. We will provide a central point of contact for the media and act as a distribution centre for press information, images and content, managing all media lists and maintaining a log of all press contact.